Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate Funds?

Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate Funds?

March 09, 2020

A diversified commercial real estate fund allows investors to expand their portfolio without concentrating exposure in one property, real estate sector, or city. We use an intentional combination of real estate strategies to target properties that look to provide both near term cash flow and modest capital appreciation over the long term.

We diversify the fund’s portfolio across multifamily, multi-tenant industrial, office, and retail investments in high growth cities across the US to provide broad engagement with macroeconomic trends and reduce exposure to market shifts in any one sector or geography.

Humphreys Capital Real Estate Private Equity Benefits

Accredited investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate private equity funds, which can be beneficial to their portfolio.

With Humphreys Capital, Accredited Investors:

  • Are diversified across 4 sectors of commercial real estate.
  • Have received monthly distributions and participated in the appreciation of the portfolio’s assets.
  • Have a team of experienced professionals actively managing the portfolio, including sourcing investment opportunities, making acquisitions, and positioning the portfolio to consistently provide stable distributions.

Fund Investing: Makes Investing in Real Estate Easy

At Humphreys Capital, we strive to capitalize on market trends and craft our funds to maintain consistent returns. We understand the importance of including diversified assets within a fund’s portfolio as a means to capture value across a market cycle. We focus on investing in a portfolio of income producing properties and development projects, which helps mitigate risk and engages the opportunity presented by transformative economic vibrancy in high growth cities across the US.

Our experienced professionals strive to prove themselves through consistent performance that comes from a strong commitment to a disciplined investment strategy and philosophy. Since 2012, we have been providing investors with steady, increasing distributions and capital appreciation from our funds and continue to attract investments from new and returning investors each year.

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