Humphreys Capital Diversified Investment Portfolio

Humphreys Capital Diversified Investment Portfolio

April 29, 2020

Humphreys Capital Diversified Real Estate Investment Portfolio

Accredited Investors know that a diversified portfolio can produce higher risk-adjusted returns and consistent cash flow. Humphreys Capital believes that opportunities in commercial real estate investments lie within multifamily, industrial, and office sectors in high-growth areas. Our real estate investment portfolio includes core, value add, and opportunistic properties. 

These strategies keep our team relevant in the marketplace while continuing to seek opportunities to increase cash flow or to create and recognize value with our joint venture partners. 

Our investment committee focuses on approving opportunities and managing the diversification of our portfolio as our firm strives to steward our accredited investor's capital and generate positive long-term returns.

Investment Stategies

Humphreys Capital implements complimenting investment strategies that provide immediate, stabilized cash flow, attractive lease profiles, and continued appreciation over the life of the investment. We utilize the following strategies to invest in multi-family, industrial, office, and select retail projects:

  • Our Core Investments are underwritten as long-term, buy-and-hold real estate. We target properties in prime locations that provide stabilized tenant bases with attractive lease profiles, resulting in immediate cash flow and modest appreciation over the life of the investment.
  • Our Value-Add Investments are underwritten for risk-adjusted returns over the near term with the potential for a long-term hold. We target established properties for stabilized cash flow at the time of investment with added potential through value creation over the initial three to five years. Our team works through established relationships with redevelopment and asset management partners.
  • Our Opportunistic Investments are underwritten to create a realized value over a three to five-year hold. We target new construction to infill proven submarkets and existing redevelopment properties that require lease-up to stabilize cash flow. Our team works through established relationships with merchant builders and redevelopment partners.

Diversify to Reduce Risk

Diversified real estate funds aim to maximize investor returns by investing in sectors that respond differently to changes in the economy. 

Humphreys Capital’s real estate investment portfolio focuses on assets in various high-growth markets. Whether it’s a multi-family property in Tampa, Florida or a multi-tenant industrial complex in Dallas, Texas, Humphreys Capital works to grow its portfolio and diversify assets to manage risk and increase returns.

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