Humphreys Capital Moves to Wheeler District

Humphreys Capital Moves to Wheeler District

August 23, 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY (Aug. 23, 2021) — Humphreys Capital, Oklahoma City’s leading real estate investment company, has moved its operations from Automobile Alley to the third floor of Wheeler Block 13 in the burgeoning Wheeler District. The new office will provide the firm with much-needed space to accommodate its 40% growth over the past year.

“This move represents a big milestone for our company,” said Humphreys Capital CEO Blair Humphreys. “Over the last ten years we’ve worked to attract and retain a talented team equipped to serve our investors. Our new space is a significant upgrade for our team, it deepens our roots in the community and gives us a platform for growth over the next decade and beyond.”

The 28,000-square-foot building, designed by local architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, was modeled after the hangar buildings which were once common in the nearby Downtown Airpark. It features technology-enabled conference rooms and stations where staff can collaborate on work with teammates, investors, and partners.

“We see this project as a continuation of our previous work in Wheeler District, thoughtfully stitching together varied building types and carefully designed outdoor spaces to create meaningful places to live, work and play,” said Lead Architect Wade Scaramucci. “It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Humphreys Capital on the design of the space, which aims to be simple, robust, hard-working, and timeless.”


About Humphreys Capital

Humphreys Capital is a real estate investment company that acquires, develops and operates income-producing, multi-sector properties including industrial, multifamily, office and retail. The firm’s investment and development focus is on dynamic high-growth cities across the United States, where it specializes in privately negotiated off-market, mid-size deals of institutional quality. The multigenerational team provides seasoned expertise and exposure to diversified commercial real estate for accredited and institutional investors. The firm has raised more than $450 million since inception across three funds. Visit for more information.

About Wheeler District
Wheeler District is a growing community situated on the south bank of the Oklahoma River. The modern development offers a broad range of housing and encourages residents to walk or bicycle to school, work, dining and beyond. The district in Oklahoma City’s dynamic core offers visitors retail and restaurants, a park, the historic Santa Monica Ferris wheel and more. Learn more at